On the Competition Entry Forms you will now NOT see "PPL Licence " as this is now 
   not a number that  you require.  However you do require to enter the MCPS Licence
   Number which currently begins with LM. This is the Licence that you acquire "On Line" 
   and which you pay for each Routine. The Licence can then be dowloaded and
   printed off. The Licence should be  brought to the Competition.
   If the MCPS Licence Number ( The LM Number ) is not entered on the Entry Form
   then the  Entry of the Routine will not be accepted and therefore will not be allowed
   to swim.
   The Organisers of the Competition will not in future chase up Licence Numbers either
    after theClosing date for Entries or after the Competition.
    The current Licencing of Music has been in place for at least 3 Years and should
    now be something that all clubs are fully conversant with. 
    Will all Competition Secretaries ensure that they obtain the Music Licence details
    from their Club Music Secretary and enter them on the forms.
   The Club Number is the number that the Club assigns to a Routine for registering
    the Routine with Wendy Coles at the A.S.A. on the Annexure 3 Form.

        Annexure 3 FormANNEXURE 3.doc